Brother Cs7205 Vs Xr9550

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Brother CS7205 Vs XR9550

Sewing machines have come a long way over the years, and now, they offer a range of features that can make stitching a breeze. Brother is one of the most popular sewing machine manufacturers, and two of their models, the CS7205 and XR9550, are often compared for their similarities and differences. This article will provide an in-depth comparison of the Brother CS7205 vs XR9550, examining their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Brother Cs7205 Vs Xr9550 Comparison Table

Feature Brother CS7205 Brother XR9550
Built-in stitches 70 165
Automatic buttonholes 7 8
LCD screen Yes Yes
Automatic needle threader Yes Yes
Bobbin system Top-loading Drop-in
Maximum sewing speed 850 spm 1100 spm
Warranty 25-year limited 25-year limited
Weight 11.02 pounds 19.8 pounds
Price Lower-end Higher-end

Purpose and Intended Use Comparison

Both the Brother CS7205 and XR9550 are computerized sewing machines designed for domestic use. They are versatile models that can sew a range of fabrics, from denim to silk. The CS7205 is perfect for beginners or intermediate sewers who want to work on home decor, small quilts, and crafting projects. The XR9550 is a more advanced model, suitable for experienced sewers who want to work on bigger quilts, garments, and more challenging projects.

The XR9550 offers a wider throat space, allowing for more substantial quilting and sewing projects. It also has a free arm that can be detached for a more comfortable sewing experience. The CS7205, on the other hand, has a smaller size and weight, making it more portable and easier to store. It also has a built-in needle threader that simplifies threading the needle, a feature that the XR9550 doesn’t have.

Stitch Options Comparison

The stitch options available on a sewing machine can make a huge difference in the types of projects you can create. The Brother CS7205 has 70 built-in stitches, including decorative, quilting, and utility stitches. It also has seven automatic buttonhole styles, allowing you to create buttonholes in various shapes and sizes. The XR9550, on the other hand, offers 165 built-in stitches, including decorative, heirloom, and utility stitches. It also has eight automatic buttonhole styles and includes several alphanumeric fonts for monogramming and labeling.

Both machines have a speed control option, which allows you to adjust the stitching speed according to your skill level and project requirements. The XR9550 offers a maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute, while the CS7205 offers a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute.

Ease of Use Comparison

The Brother CS7205 and the XR9550 are easy to use, thanks to their computerized features. Both models have an LCD display screen that allows you to select stitches and adjust settings with ease. The CS7205 has a smaller screen, while the XR9550 has a larger, more intuitive screen that displays more information at once.

The XR9550 has an automatic needle threader that saves time and reduces eye strain. It also has a drop-in bobbin system that simplifies bobbin placement and ensures even stitch quality. The CS7205 has a top-loading bobbin system that is easy to access and monitor but requires more manual adjustment.

Durability Comparison

The durability of a sewing machine is essential, especially if you plan to use it frequently or for heavy-duty projects. Both the Brother CS7205 and XR9550 are well-built, with sturdy frames and durable materials. The XR9550 has a metal frame, making it more robust and durable than the CS7205, which has a plastic frame.

Both models come with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring that they are reliable and long-lasting. However, the XR9550 has more advanced features and a more robust construction, making it more suitable for heavy-duty projects and frequent use.

Price Comparison

The price of a sewing machine can vary, depending on the model and the features it offers. The Brother CS7205 is a budget-friendly option, with a lower price point than the XR9550. It offers a range of features that make it a great value for the money, including multiple stitch options, an LCD display, and a built-in needle threader.

The XR9550, on the other hand, is a more expensive model, but it offers more advanced features and capabilities, such as a wider throat space, more stitch options, and a more durable construction.

Size and Weight Comparison

The size and weight of a sewing machine can make a difference in how portable it is and how much space it takes up. The Brother CS7205 is a lightweight model, weighing only 11.02 pounds, making it easy to move around and store. It measures 16.26 x 6.69 x 12.21 inches, making it a compact size that can fit in most spaces.

The XR9550 is a larger and heavier model, weighing 19.8 pounds, making it less portable than the CS7205. It measures 20.32 x 12.68 x 17.32 inches, making it a more substantial machine that requires more space to store.

Accessories Comparison

Both the Brother CS7205 and XR9550 come with a range of accessories that add value to the purchase. The CS7205 comes with seven sewing feet, including a zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, blind stitch foot, and more. It also includes a quilting foot, which is perfect for quilting projects.

The XR9550 comes with eight sewing feet, including a walking foot, a quilting foot, a spring action foot, and more. It also includes a wide table that provides extra space for larger projects, such as quilts and curtains.

Maintenance and Cleaning Comparison

Sewing machines require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they function correctly and last a long time. The Brother CS7205 and XR9550 both require regular cleaning and oiling to maintain their performance. They both have a removable bobbin case that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The XR9550 has a more advanced cleaning feature, with a cleaning brush that automatically cleans the bobbin area. It also has a built-in thread cutter that simplifies the sewing process and reduces the need for manual trimming.


In conclusion, both the Brother CS7205 and XR9550 are great sewing machines with advanced features and capabilities. While the CS7205 is a budget-friendly option that is designed for beginners or intermediate sewers, the XR9550 is a more advanced model that is suitable for experienced sewers who want to work on bigger and more complicated projects.

The XR9550 offers more advanced features and a more durable construction, but it comes with a higher price tag. The CS7205 is a more lightweight and portable model that is perfect for beginners or sewers who need a compact machine.

Ultimately, the choice between the Brother CS7205 vs XR9550 depends on your needs, budget, and sewing skills. Whichever model you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality sewing machine that will last for years to come.

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